In preparation for Father’s Day on the 20th of June, we asked each of our three winemakers for their choice of wine to celebrate this special day. Here is the round-up …

Lutzville Vineyards Winemaker


The wine: Lutzville Classic Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2020

The reason:  It is a medium- to light-bodied wine and very refreshing and easy drinking. The wine is perfect for a cosy family day while relaxing in front of the fire.

The food: Lasagne with a white cheese sauce in the black potjie on the open fire and a lovely fresh green salad with lots of feta, pecan nuts, olives, avocado and a greek salad dressing. And for dessert, chocolate mousse, of course!

Lutzville Vineyards Winemaker


The wine: Lutzville Classic Collection Chardonnay 2020

The reason: Chardonnay is a dry, medium- to full-bodied wine with moderate acidity and alcohol. The flavours range from apple and lemon to papaya and pineapple.

The food: Seafood paella – the flavours complement and enhance each other, while the acidity keeps the palate fresh.

Lutzville Vineyards Winemaker


The wine: Lutzville Classic Collection Chenin Blanc 2020

The reason: The Chenin Blanc is packed with fruit such as guava, tropical and citrus flavours. The palate is succulent, fresh and lively.

The food: Butter chicken and naan bread. The wine keeps the palate fresh and enhances the beautiful naan.

Father's Day Lutzville Vineyards

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