Lutzville Fairtrade Premium Trust

Lutzville Vineyards is tremendously proud to be the largest Fairtrade-accredited winery in South Africa and the only in the region. We received this accreditation on 15 January 2015 for both the winery and a number of our farms.

Fairtrade is an institutional arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries to achieve better trading conditions. The Fairtrade Standards are designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships, unstable markets, and the injustices of conventional trade. It specifically requires social development with benefits for the workers and a sustainable impact in the community.

Members of the Fairtrade movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards. In doing so it changes lives by transferring wealth back to farmers and workers in developing countries.

Fairtrade is the leading independent global movement for trade justice and is still the most recognized and trusted sustainable trading standard in many leading markets.
“This is a big breakthrough, and it brings a whole new volume of wine to the Fairtrade market,” said Ed Robinson, wine buyer for Co-op. “Very few producers are able to supply volumes on this scale, so it’s great news for us and for the Fairtrade wine movement, which is really having a bit of a boom.”

This is an exciting journey for Lutzville Vineyards and its people.

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