Say “West Coast” and most people will immediately form a picture of fishermen in their mind’s eye. The region is any seafood lover’s paradise, but the West Coast – stretching over 400 km all the way from Cape Town to the mouth of the Orange River – also has so much more to offer. Here are six good reasons to fall hook, line, and sinker for this ruggedly beautiful stretch of land …

Spectacular coastline
Bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean, the West Coast offers a dramatic coastline, set off against incredible mountain ranges on the other side. This rich geographical diversity alone is reason enough to journey off the beaten track. The unspoiled beaches of the West Coast remain an almost undiscovered treasure. Long stretches of untouched beauty, punctuated with charming fishing towns and villages, provide a refreshing escape from the city’s bustle.

Hidden wine gems
Most people do not associate the West Coast with viticulture, but once you have sampled the fruit-forward, easy-drinking wines of Lutzville Vineyards, you won’t look back. Breezes from the Atlantic Ocean cool down the vineyards, resulting in warm, sunny days alternate with cool nights. This, along with the ideal soil of the Olifants Riverbanks, ensure perfect growing conditions for the grapes. The outcome? Captivating wines that are unassuming, yet elegant. The cool climate is particularly beneficial for the winery’s award-winning Sauvignon Blanc.

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Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

Adventures galore
Whether you choose to explore the West Coast through mountain biking, hiking, kayaking or sandboarding, you can be assured of an unforgettable experience. Try the Crayfish Trail or the Swart Tobie Trail if you enjoy hiking or give the Viswater Mountain Bike Route a go if mountain biking is your thing.

Taste the difference
The foodie pleasures of the West Coast are well worth a trip. Think mussels, crayfish, bokkoms … Be sure to stop at our Tasting Room for the best of West Coast cuisine.

Colour burst
During August, just before spring, the fields of the West Coast are transformed into a tapestry of colour with wildflowers as far as the eye can see. This magical display of orange, yellow, white, and purple is a blooming good reason to leave the city behind! Visit the Olifants River Valley wine route for an indigenous Cape floral experience and be sure to pop in at our Tasting Room for a wine tasting. Or pack a picnic basket to enjoy among the wildflowers (remember to include our Classic Collection Sparkling Rosé or one of our award-winning white wines, like the 2020 Lutzville Vineyards Classic Collection Chardonnay).

Salt of the earth
At the heart of the West Coast are its people and their stories. Here you will find a brand of hospitality that is as heart-warming and unique as the landscape. Take time to meet the locals – you might just take home a great story or two.


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