Three periods of domestic alcohol prohibition in the past year have seriously injured the South African wine industry. In reaction to this dire situation, Wineland Magazine initiated the #SaveSAWine campaign in 2020 and the movement quickly gained momentum on social media. But, practically speaking, what can you do to help our wine industry?

If you care about the industry, you have probably already shown your support on various social media channels and we’d like to thank you for doing so. You are also probably supporting your favourite cellars by stocking up on wine supplies. Great! But be careful of how you go about doing this …

While buying discounted surplus wine stock from your local retailer may be tempting, buying directly from a cellar is a much better option. Here’s why …

It cuts out the middleman

It’s really a win-win: better value for you and greater control for the winemaker. Traditional wine sales models include large retailers as middlemen, leaving wineries with little control over the prices they get for their products.

Greater access

Buying from the cellar also ensures greater access on both sides: wine lovers gain access to wines that are not available on the supermarket shelf, while wine sellers are exposed to a larger wine-drinking audience. This also fosters a relationship that goes beyond seller and buyer by forging a closer connection between producer and consumer.

The safe and convenient way

At Lutzville Vineyards, we are making it as convenient and easy as possible for you to buy directly from the cellar door. You can literally #SaveSAWine from the comfort of your couch. Simply place your order on our website and have your wine delivered to your doorstep in no time at all. Doing the right thing has never been easier. We offer secure online shopping with a wide range of proudly South African products to choose from and free shipping when you order two or more items. #StayHomeStaySafe and #SaveSAWine one online purchase at a time.

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