What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a movement that concerns itself with sustainable prices, proper working conditions, local sustainability, and just terms of trade in developing countries like South Africa. Fairtrade prevents the injustices of conventional trade, which often victimizes the most vulnerable, by requiring companies to pay better prices (never lower than the market price). It enables farmers and workers to improve their living standards and to be more autonomous.

Why buy Fairtrade?

With simple shopping choices, you can ensure a better deal for farmers and their workers. Your purchase can help someone to take control of their future and afford them a more dignified life.

Our Fairtrade journey

Since April 2017, Lutzville Vineyards has been the largest Fairtrade-accredited winery in South Africa and the only one in the region. Now, four years down the line and with Freedom Day around the corner, we take a moment to celebrate some of our freedom-giving Fairtrade success stories as we proudly continue on this exciting journey …

  • Through the Fairtrade premium, we have been able to assist the children of farmworkers with equipment and uniforms for school.
  • The Fairtrade clinic on the premises of Lutzville Vineyards gives farmworkers and their families prompt access to healthcare services.
  • Arthur and Elizabeth Mabala have been able to extend their house through the Fairtrade Premium, providing a better home for their children.

The majority of the Fairtrade Premium is used to establish a sustainable project that will generate an income for the beneficiaries over many years. Some of the money is also used for immediate needs such as furniture for homes, toys for children, basic daily needs, eye care, purchase of a vehicle, et cetera.

The future of Fairtrade at Lutzville Vineyards

We are in the process of acquiring a vineyard farm for the Fairtrade Trust and establishing a wine brand exclusive to this farm. Co-op in the UK has already agreed to market this brand in their 2 500 shops. The farm and the associated wine brand will put workers in charge of their own future.

In the words of Mambo Kaunda, Fairtrade Premium Chairman at Lutzville Vineyards: “We feel like we own it … we are part of the business.”

Want to support Fairtrade?

Buying justly has never been easier … Buy from a Fairtrade-accredited winery at Lutzvillevineyards.com and start changing lives.


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