Francois Le Vaillant was a French author, explorer, naturalist, zoological collector, and noted ornithologist. He was born in Dutch Guiana (Surinam) and travelled to the Cape of Good Hope in 1780, where he made three journeys - the last being to the Orange River and Namaqualand, where he records purchasing “some strong liquor” near the end of the 1700's from a certain widow Van Zeijl in what today is the Lutzville Valley.

Our exclusive Francois de Vaillant range is named in honour of this adventurer,  who was the first person to document wines made from grapes along the Olifants River.
The grapes are hand-picked from secret vineyards in the Lutzville Valley and made with love, care and the meticulous attention to detail that characterised de Vaillant throughout his distinguished career.